Lamoureux Culham LLP: A Community-Minded Law Firm

We are proud to serve the St. Paul area and Alberta’s Lakeland. We actively participate in our town’s events, helping our community develop through volunteering and donations to local hockey, soccer, football, skiing, curling teams, dance groups, rodeo, 4-H and many other community activities.

Nous sommes fiers francophones. We are actively engaged in the development of the francophone community.

Just like you, we live in rural, northeastern Alberta. Because we live in a smaller community, we know that people have close ties to their families, friends and neighbors. When you face a legal problem or crisis, we know that it can impact your family and the general community.

Whether about family dispute, a farm, an estate, or a business deal, we believe that the most effective legal solution to your legal dispute is the one that will help you move forward again and help heal broken relationships and “mend fences” between family members, neighbors and the community in general.

Walking and Working with You

Our success and efficiency starts with our compassion and our ability to listen to your real life needs. We carefully listen to you which helps us come up with a case plan that will best meet your personal needs. We will advise you on how the law applies to your personal fact situation and on various legal options that you have to help you move forward to an effective legal solution. We will walk with you in a collaborative effort to find the legal solution that best meets your personal needs.

Realistic Advice and Support

We will not advise you to take legal steps and actions that you don’t need to help achieve your legal solution. We know that legal services are expensive. Working with you as our client means that we will advise you on steps that you may carry out yourself and on what legal service requires our experience and action for you. We help build trust by working with you and providing you focused and effective legal services. Engaging you in the legal problem solving process helps reduce your legal costs and helps you gain a better understanding of the legal resolution options available to you.

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