Parenting Time And Child Support Solutions

Since 1985, we have helped hundreds of families in the greater St. Paul area in Alberta’s Lakeland through the difficult process of separation and divorce. We take pride in giving you child focused legal advice that will advance your personal interests while safe-guarding the best interests of your children. The “best interests of children” is the paramount principle applied by all superior courts in Canada when making court rulings that affect children.

Creative Parenting Time Solutions

Every family is different. Every child is unique. Helping yours to thrive means finding customized solutions during family breakdown. We have decades of experience working with married and common-law mothers and fathers to protect the current and future best interests of their children.

When you turn to us for help, we will take the time to thoroughly understand your family situation. By providing objective advice, we can help you see beyond the emotions of the moment and find workable solutions for:

  • Residential parenting time and guardianship arrangements
  • Non-residential parenting time

We will help you understand the meaning of “joint custody” of children and how “joint custody” is different from “shared residential parenting” of children. There is a legal trend for separating co-parents to seek “shared residential parenting” of their children. We will apply our experience in advising you on whether that type of parenting plan is legally feasible for you. Our goal is to help empower you with legal information that will help you decide which legal options best advance the best interests of your children.

Providing Financially For Your Children

We can also help you negotiate fair financial arrangements for child support. We use the Federal Child Support Guidelines as a starting point. We will also carefully analyze your children’s needs and lifestyle to ensure that they continue to receive financial support for their special or extraordinary expenses as well as their basic child support.

Whether you are the payor or the recipient, our goal is to create a holistic, practical structure to protect the financial well-being of your children.

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