Estate Planning And Drafting Wills

Drafting a will is a process that settles your estate, including taking care of your loved ones, after you have passed. It’s important to make sure your intentions are clear to avoid any uncertainly later on.

We help individuals create an effective, legal estate plan to administer their property and assets. We provide solid legal advice for:

  • Drafting a will, power of attorney and personal directive
  • Choosing a power of attorney
  • Choosing an estate trustee
  • The administration of the will

Powers Of Attorney And Personal Directives

In addition to drafting a will, there are many other factors that are essential to preparing your estate, such as:

  • Power of Attorney
  • Personal Directives

Powers of Attorney and Personal Directives are designations given to someone who is trusted to act in your interests should you become unable to make competent decisions. This person is trusted to make financial arrangements (Power of Attorney) and healthcare/living arrangements (Personal Directive) on your behalf. An estate trustee is someone who is appointed to carry out the provisions within your will (upon death).

We can assist you by protecting your interests regarding Powers of Attorney and Personal Directives through a legally binding document. Together, we’ll ensure all parties understand their roles and that the proper signatures and copies are provided.

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