Validating A Will And Estate Administration

When loved ones pass away, their last will may require legal validation in order for its provisions to be administered. This process is called probating a will, and allows the estate trustee to carry out his or her role.

We provide legal support and assistance to individuals in the greater St. Paul area of Alberta’s Lakeland with validating a will and assisting the estate trustee to fulfil their duties.

Executing A Will

Many people do not know what to do with a will when a loved one has passed away. We can assist estate trustees with their next steps and probate the will on their behalf. We can also provide legal assistance if anyone chooses to contest or challenge the provisions of the will.

Probate is not always necessary in every case. The process is generally used for large estates, or if someone wants to challenge the provisions of a will. In cases where a will is not present, we can help the surviving friends and family sort and distribute the deceased’s estate based on legislative guidelines.

Estate Administration

Making sure funds and assets are allocated correctly requires a solid, legal understanding and application of the provisions within the will. The estate trustee may be liable for debts or other financial considerations if the estate is not administered correctly.

Our goal is to help reduce and alleviate any stress during this emotional time. Your focus is on grieving and moving on from the passing of a friend or family member. Our role is to help the estate trustee enforce the terms of the will and protect the interests of the beneficiaries and the estate itself.

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